Tuesday, August 3, 2010

...نمیشه غصه ما رو، یه لحظه تنها بذاره

"The death can come to me at any time…although as long as I can live, I shouldn’t long for death. Of course if by any chance I’ll have to face it, which is inevitable, it won’t be a big deal. The most important thing is how my life or death, affects other’s lives…"
Samad Behrangi; teacher, writer


Thank you
Mr. Noori for affecting many Iranian’s lives. Thanks for creating such wonderful moments and memories for us. Thanks for being there with us on our road trips. Thanks for being there for me when I was head to toe in love and in the mood only for too romantic songs. Thanks for being there for me, when I miss my family.
Thanks for bringing back to life many of the old folklore songs. Thanks for your deep, powerful, lovely voice, and your great taste in music. Thank you for being you, and living such a fruitful life.
I, for one, will always sing your songs to myself; when I drive, when I love, when I’m nostalgic.
I’m sure your voice will stay alive long after you.
May your soul rest in peace…

*Enjoy his great performance: Jeyran.


Daisy said...

This was a very nice tribute to Mr. Noori.

Hiva said...

Agree with Daisy...Roohesh shad