Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Turning points

According to Wiktionary, a turning point is "a decisive point at which a significant change or historical event occurs, or at which a decision must be made" . There are several turning points in one's life which have the ability to shape one's life and destiny. Not all of them happen at proper time and age though, as some of them occur when you are not aware and wise enough to turn to the right direction. But what does "right direction" really mean?

I believe "right" means you looking back - after you have already chosen the direcion and walked through the way and come across the consequences of your decisions - and feeling happy with yourself, your inner true self, and feeling that if you reached the same point again, you would still turn to the same direction. This is not a very easy concept though, as we've been trained to put so many other things before ourselves, going with the society's rules, keeping other people happy, not to change the portrait that other people know from us, playing the role that we play in our everyday life, etc. But if we can clear these clouds away, see our true self and know it, then we can judge much more truly.

Overall, looking back at the turning points and finding them in your life, and checking back the decision that you made then and there and considering all the consequences, at least can provide a pattern or a map which might help finding and predicting the points ahead, and hopefully making better decision for them.

...and it was very intersting for me when I saw a new book from "Garry Kasparov": "How life imitates chess" and found out that somebody else, somewhere else in the world, with a different nationality and culture and profession from me, has thought exactly about the same concept, with a similar approach :

"...Such decisive moments are tuning points- every time you select a fork in the road knowing you won't be able to backtrack. We live for these moments and in turn they define our lives. We learn who we are and what truly matters to us.... Developing your personal blueprint allows you to make better decisions, to have the confidence to trust your instincts, and to know that no matter the result, you will come out stronger. "

Shall I join the club, Mr. Kasparov?

Monday, October 22, 2007

A movie, an experience

Movies are interesting inventions of the human being, if we can call them "inventions". The possibility of getting away from the time and location in which you are living, and experiencing a new life, even if on some sort of screen, is a unique process, which still interests me after all the movies I've seen. Reading a book is also a similar process: for the time you are reading the book, if you can connect with the story, it seems that you pass one of those rabbit holes and go to another universe. Reading a book is a higher-level experience though, since every person can have their unique imagination and picture the same book differently. In watching a movie, however, you are experiencing the story from the director's point of view, which is still a different experience from your everyday life.

What makes it more interesting, is that sometimes you can even find some aspects of one's personality, by knowing which film genres one likes best. Those who love the comedy or sad movies (something they can have either a good laugh or cry well!) are usually very sensitive people, often with shallow senses. Those who love action movies, often have a 10-12 year old kid hidden inside them. Those who like film noir, don't seem to be so optimistic in life, and so on...

I will write more about the movies later, it's one of my favorite subjects. But what made me think more about the movies, was watching a nice movie the other day: Wonder boys (2000) After so much time, I really enjoyed watching a calm, nice movie, little bit of drama, some psychology, a nice written script, and good acting - well, except for Katie Holmes which was somehow boring- . It was a good experience which made my friday night.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The theory of reasoned action

I have always been interested to know what's going on behind everything. The basic question is, could any event or incident have a reason?
I am still not sure about the nature of the reason, it could be some sort of karma coming back to us, or our thoughts and imaginations getting a real solid shape being attracted to us, or maybe some sort of a planner with a special intention to make things happen the way they do.

The problem is, not all the incidents can be explained with one of these theories. I may be able to explain why I fell off and injured my hand the other evening in the rain (did I upset anybody?) or can find some explanation for achieving some of the goals I set for myself and imagined them or wrote about them (this one works magically, writing about what you want, and just let them be...they'll become attracted to you eventually), or can see the plan behind some of the things that has happend to me for the last 2-3 years and brought me here to Canada (I guess I can understand why that "ideal" fellowship was never offered to me back at home) ; However, I still cannot explain the recent deaths of two young, nice and innocent relatives of mine...one of them, a dentist, beautiful, a true lady, and the mother of two, who died of cancer at the age of 42; and the other one, a hard-working father of three, a 15-year old bright boy and 5-year old twins, who died in an accident. He was just 45 when he died.

I think in such cases, the only explanation could be that these are just some bugs in the system. Maybe this world like any other system has some bugs, which show as these not-so-fair incidents. Still, I tend to find some kind of pattern behind everything, even if it is not a coherent pattern of just one cause...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A new start?

This is just a test, or maybe a new start... Hello blogging world.