Monday, October 22, 2007

A movie, an experience

Movies are interesting inventions of the human being, if we can call them "inventions". The possibility of getting away from the time and location in which you are living, and experiencing a new life, even if on some sort of screen, is a unique process, which still interests me after all the movies I've seen. Reading a book is also a similar process: for the time you are reading the book, if you can connect with the story, it seems that you pass one of those rabbit holes and go to another universe. Reading a book is a higher-level experience though, since every person can have their unique imagination and picture the same book differently. In watching a movie, however, you are experiencing the story from the director's point of view, which is still a different experience from your everyday life.

What makes it more interesting, is that sometimes you can even find some aspects of one's personality, by knowing which film genres one likes best. Those who love the comedy or sad movies (something they can have either a good laugh or cry well!) are usually very sensitive people, often with shallow senses. Those who love action movies, often have a 10-12 year old kid hidden inside them. Those who like film noir, don't seem to be so optimistic in life, and so on...

I will write more about the movies later, it's one of my favorite subjects. But what made me think more about the movies, was watching a nice movie the other day: Wonder boys (2000) After so much time, I really enjoyed watching a calm, nice movie, little bit of drama, some psychology, a nice written script, and good acting - well, except for Katie Holmes which was somehow boring- . It was a good experience which made my friday night.

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