Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Turning points

According to Wiktionary, a turning point is "a decisive point at which a significant change or historical event occurs, or at which a decision must be made" . There are several turning points in one's life which have the ability to shape one's life and destiny. Not all of them happen at proper time and age though, as some of them occur when you are not aware and wise enough to turn to the right direction. But what does "right direction" really mean?

I believe "right" means you looking back - after you have already chosen the direcion and walked through the way and come across the consequences of your decisions - and feeling happy with yourself, your inner true self, and feeling that if you reached the same point again, you would still turn to the same direction. This is not a very easy concept though, as we've been trained to put so many other things before ourselves, going with the society's rules, keeping other people happy, not to change the portrait that other people know from us, playing the role that we play in our everyday life, etc. But if we can clear these clouds away, see our true self and know it, then we can judge much more truly.

Overall, looking back at the turning points and finding them in your life, and checking back the decision that you made then and there and considering all the consequences, at least can provide a pattern or a map which might help finding and predicting the points ahead, and hopefully making better decision for them.

...and it was very intersting for me when I saw a new book from "Garry Kasparov": "How life imitates chess" and found out that somebody else, somewhere else in the world, with a different nationality and culture and profession from me, has thought exactly about the same concept, with a similar approach :

"...Such decisive moments are tuning points- every time you select a fork in the road knowing you won't be able to backtrack. We live for these moments and in turn they define our lives. We learn who we are and what truly matters to us.... Developing your personal blueprint allows you to make better decisions, to have the confidence to trust your instincts, and to know that no matter the result, you will come out stronger. "

Shall I join the club, Mr. Kasparov?


Anonymous said...

Nava jan,

I'm really delighted to know you, and I enjoyed your writings. I'm happy to find your blog. Next time That I happen to come to Montreal, I will let you know to meet!

Anonymous said...

Roohe Ashena,
I really don't know does the concept of "right" exist?

I mean from very scientific point of view, there is the "right" and the "wrong" and let’s face it the grey in between is very much missing!

I look back to few “turning points” in my life (and I have to say I had good number of them)...some of them are truly dramatic, they changed "EVERYTHING"...
Most of the choices made me really happy – especially according to what you defined. But if I look back at few of the choices, I can not say they made me happy or from a very logical perspective I might say the choices were "wrong" but I have to say they are part of who I am today and I like the result exactly as it is...I like who I turned out to be even though some of those turning points ended in a painful and soul scratching results...even though in a logical mind I have to change them...

I still am as thankful to those bitter choices as I am to the rest of my choices...They made me who I am, the good, the bad and the all in between...Without the pain that I went through while I was busy making the “wrong” choices, I would have not learned some very valuable lessons or probably it would have taken much longer time for me to learn the same lessons…

This is why; I am not sure that the concept of "right" or "wrong" does exist. After all it is all in ones perception...and nothing really does exist outside of ones perception!!!!