Friday, July 23, 2010

The metamorphosis

The grey lizard was crawling on the wall. Listening to its stomach growling and looking around, it saw a cockroach… "Mmmm! I’m soooo hungry."

"Hello, cockroach! How are you? Are you up for a referendum?"

The cockroach looked suspicious, "What are the options?"

"Well, since I’m hungry, and I care so much for democracy, I think we should vote to see if I can eat you for lunch or not."

"Stupid lizard! I’m bigger than your mouth. And I vote no!", the cockroach turned around to leave.

"No, no, I’m starving. How can you see me starving and walk away?"

"Helloooo! You want to eat me, and I should care for your hunger? Go look for a small mosquito."

The lizard looked around to find any other lizards on the wall. "No, wait. Let’s ask those green lizards there. Hey guys! I’m all for democracy. You vote. Should I eat this cockroach? Yes?"

The green lizards gathered around. "Cockroach? Ew! We only eat mosquitoes and small bugs. What did this poor cockroach do to you? No, we vote no."

The big grey lizard was getting angry. "What kind of lizards are you? Don’t defend this ugly creature. Go away. I shouldn’t have asked you in first place.", and angrily hit one of the smallest ones with its big tail. They started shouting and talking all at the same time. Some debating what to do with the injured one and the big grey lizard, the others complaining. "What a wall! They ask you whether or not to eat a cockroach – imagine!- and they don’t even care about your taste. Let’s leave and go to another wall."

The big grey lizard looked for the cockroach who was going away. "Where are you going? This is not finished yet. Hey, look! Some more lizards. Let’s ask them as the last group."
There were all different colors, some pale green, some with grey spots, some grey. "Hey guys! We are voting. Should I eat this cockroach, since I’m hungry?" The crowd murmured. 'We don’t know! Why do you ask us? What do we care? None of our business anyways.'
The grey lizard said temptingly, "But if you vote for me, I’ll give you a share too.'
The crowd seemed more interested. A couple of voices said 'Yes! Let’s eat."

The lizard didn’t wait any longer. It grabbed the back leg of the cockroach who was running away, "No other choices. Sorry! See, it’s democracy. They voted for eating you too." and took a bite. More and more lizards gathered around, busy biting and chewing on the poor cockroach. Some looked away, but keeping close to see what will remain.

Where was I in all this? Well I was in the room, looking and listening, which made sense since I was asleep and dreaming. Then once they started eating the cockroach, I felt disgusted. "Aaah! I feel like throwing up. Let’s go to another dream." I told myself. Walking away from the wall of the lizards, I saw a mirror beside the door. Looking inside to sort my hair out for the next dream, I gasped. A big lizard was looking back at me from inside the mirror…


Hiva said...

Such a dream. Although cockroaches disgust me, I felt sorry for it.

Dead said...

I cannot stand them too :) do you really see such long detailed dreams? :))

Nava said...

Well, let's say the whole picture was really a disgusting dream, I just added the dialogues ;)
Good to see you back!