Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The mystery of the unsolved crime(2010)

In any other situation, this could have been the storyline for a blockbuster movie. Sadly, the screenplay has an open end. I mean, it does have a bitter ending, but the truth was never revealed.

About nine years ago, a soccer player’s wife was killed. Naturally, he was primarily a suspect himself. Then another man was thought to be the killer, and then finally the news broke out: his mistress (although not very illegally according to religious laws) had killed his wife. It was shocking. She wouldn't confess at the beginning. Then she confessed, only out of love for him. Deal? No!

After the first confession, she never admitted she had done it. Many other evidences made the case more and more complicated. She replayed the crime scene, but said that she had hit her only once or twice. However, there were many more hits on the body, which could not be done by a woman. She also kept saying that someone had told her to visit the soccer player’s house since there was a crowd in front of it (He was on a trip to Germany at the time) and she's gone there and seen the corpse, but she hadn’t done it. There were evidences of sperm and maybe a rape on the corpse as revealed later. On the other hand, she showed a blood stain on the mattress, where police had missed it, and only she knew it was there.

So in the end, many believed that either she hadn’t done it, or she was not alone. She never named anyone else, and she never told the truth. The case was revisited many times, and the verdict was the same: guilty. Based on "her confession and the judge’s knowledge". No proof of evidences.
She was hanged last night, and took the mystery with herself to the grave.

I for one didn’t have any strong arguments against her being the killer. What drove me crazy in this case, was the fact that no one talked about the soccer player himself and his share in all this. There were photos and recorded films about their affair together, which were worth noting. The soccer player’s wife was from a super rich family. He and his mistress had more similar backgrounds and he obviously felt more comfortable in her house. He was a quite, low energy person, she was much more energetic (I’d even say more like a manic), while the wife was apparently depressed herself. The wife had problems with his addiction, whereas the mistress would spoil him, to the point of providing him the drugs. He never chose between the two, even though he knew she was trouble.

Also the possibility that she might not have been sane... I don’t mean she was insane, she didn’t seem so at first sight, but she obviously had personality disorders, least of them could be mania and/or histrionic personality disorder. In my inexpert opinion, she may even have suffered from multiple personality disorder. I know the cases are extremely rare, but it actually fits. She kept saying something about “they told me, they did this, someone else…”.

So, now the story is finished, and the credits are on the screen. I heard that one of the soccer player’s sons pushed the chair from beneath her feet…and I’m wondering, what will happen to these kids who witnessed this horrible story?


Lotus said...

Thanks for giving a good account of what was involved in this case ... sometimes it is hard to get facts from blogs that treat subjects very emotional and biased ;)

Lotus said...

PS. I saw the item about Iran that you shared on Google reader, it was very good, I really love "observations" of any kind as long as they are truthful and unbiased.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Why did not you post it here too? I just wonder.

Nava said...

Thanks dear Lotus for your encouraging words. As you see, I posted the piece on the blog too :)