Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pains of Autumn*

I don't like fall.

I dislike everything about it: the cold which serves as the introduction for winter, the grey of the sky, the rain.
The instability which floats in the air makes me anxious. The chilly wind makes me nervous and agitated. Watching the nature getting ready to hibernate makes me deeply sad, and seeing the farmers market stands being replaced by the Halloween costumes and the Christmas trees, brings such a deep sorrow to my heart.

Add to all these, the high possibility of catching the cold. The feverish nose-dripping throat-itching body-aching cold, which sucks the life out of you as a deadly hollow.

I was born in spring. I guess to some extent that’s why I absolutely love spring. Since I moved to Canada and I learned how precious the sunlight and the warmth are, I love summer as well. I can still bear winter and its accompanying depression with the hope that the spring is just around the corner. But fall? I’m this close to hating it.

There is only one thing which keeps me from absolutely hating fall: the color of the leaves. The amazing reds and oranges and yellows. The last act of the nature before closing the curtains. The last medley song of the album before the end of record. The last high note of the singer before the end of opera.

That’s the only thing which catches my eyes and asks for my patience for the next spring, since in a couple of weeks the leaves will all die and the trees will be all naked. And then I’ll be longing for the spring again. Alongside the trees.

*The title is borrowed from a movie by the same name.
**The picture was taken in Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada, last october.


Daisy said...

Really!! ;)
It’s hard for me to believe that someone has experienced the fall in Canada and they haven't fall in love with this season. It is absolutely gorgeous. The colours are worth the chilly weather and shorter day light in my opinion.

I can’t remember where I read this but it said “fall is spring that has fallen in love”. I guess that means this is what love does to you. It makes you look more beautiful.

Lotus said...

The "real" fall is probably too short in Canada. It is more reasonably long here in Atlanta, and it is enjoyable if you can cope with some level of nostalgia, sorrow, and heart-ache :))

Anonymous said...

Autumn means... constant runny nose and sore throats. Every day. All the time.

But the colours are simply amazing. Worth the cold? No, not quite.