Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The story of a girl who was looking for her dreams...

There it was, the big fork in the road.

She was standing there, looking, and thinking deeply, where should she go?

One side seemed somehow familiar. Besides, there were a bunch of family and friends standing there, encouraging her to choose and turn that way. That would make them happy, all together.
The other side, was covered mostly in a fog, she couldn’t see very far, but it seemed interesting and adventurous. It sure was different.

She thought to herself, "I already know that I have lost my dreams. They are long gone, and I have looked for them everywhere, and haven’t found them. Should I still continue on the way that I already know won’t have my dreams?" She looked at the familiar crowd on that side of the road.

"What are you hesitating for?" somebody asked, she couldn’t recognize who.

"I’ve lost my dreams. Are you sure you haven’t seen them anywhere?"
Her father answered "Your dreams? No. Did you have any in the first place?"
"Well I’m sure I had some, I just can’t find them anymore."
"What’s the use of them anyways? You have to study well, find a good job, marry a nice man, have some kids, and serve your family when they get old, hoping that you get served by your kids when you get old. There’s no such thing as "dream"."
"I can’t believe it, you never had any even when you were younger?"
He seemed to be thoughtful for a moment, "I guess I had, but just having a good wife and good kids and a nice life, which I have, this was my dream."

Her mother interfered, "What are you discussing about? Dreams? Haven’t I already described you what your dreams should be and will be?"
"Errr…I suppose they were more your dreams than mine."
"What’s the difference, I know you better then you know yourself. I know what dreams are better for you. Now come here and continue. It’s getting late!"
"Oh boy! Not again, getting late for what? I need to find my dreams, my personal legends, something for me, for my soul, for my life. I have looked across that road and know they are not there."
"You are selfish, how do you dare to talk only about yourself? How about your family?" Somebody else said, not very clear who.
"I guess if you all had thought about your own dreams before, you wouldn’t have to be hanging on to mine."
There were shouting, begging, cursing and opposing voices, all mixed with each other. Somebody shouted, "Don’t forget you won’t be alone here, on this road, we will all be together and this is all that matters. Isn’t this important for you?"

She sighed, "I wish somebody would be here to tell me what to do. I am so confused."
Looking around, there wasn’t anyone there, no Alchemist, no Jonathan, no Little prince, no big-wise-person to tell her what to do. It was getting more and more difficult. She looked at her grandma, who was standing between those people, looking at her, not saying anything. "You help me, what should I do grandma?"
"Look into your heart honey, into your heart…"

She looked around more desperate, but suddenly she was not all alone. There was a familiar face standing there, apparently in a similar situation. They knew each other, very well.
"Thinking about where to go as well?" He asked, with a smile.
"I’m glad I see my best friend here too," she said, "You know, deep into my heart, I am so tempted to go the other way, the adventurous one. I’m also somehow anxious and scared, cause I don't know where would it lead. But then maybe I can find my dreams alongside that way."

"Then let’s go together. We won’t be alone, we’ll work, sing, dance, live. We’ll walk together. More than anything, we’ll talk. It makes the road easier."
"And more pleasant." She smiled. Now she seemed more confident, "So are you ready?"
He tightened his shoelaces, "I am. Are you?"
She took a deep breath, "I guess I am."
They held hands, and started walking, into the unknown foggy road, smiling…

It was 5 years ago, today…


Mommy Homeopath: said...

I did not get a chance to check anything with one day delay:

Happy Anniversary!

The story brought back something that I wrote to you years ago:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

Nava said...

Thanks my dear MH!
I had honestly forgotten this quote, but how I understand and feel it now...
You know, some fruits really need time to ripen, as some things would be understood by heart when their time comes.
Thanks again for your kindness :)

Anonymous said...

What a scenic description of your past! I don't know why, but it reminded me of the path I have chosen…did the path satisfy you? Was there any time you regret the path you did not choose?
I hope not.
Take care and enjoy the path and being with your mate!

Nava said...

Dear Parinaz,
I have looked back many many times, and so far, thank god, I've been pretty happy with my choice, despite all the prices I had to pay.
I hope you also be happy with your choice. I makes life a lot easier.
Cheers :)

Daisy said...

You're a very good writer. That piece was beautiful. Happy Belated Anniversary my dear!

I wish you many many years of happiness, reaching your goals, accomplishing your dreams, and coming up with new ones hand in hand with the man you love :)

Nava said...

Thank you Daisy for all your kind wishes :)

Esfand` said...

WOW! awesome .... yes yes, Im late, but Happy Aniversary! :D

n you chose the right path, n you have company too :) great! Have fun traversing the rest of it~ Its just been 5 years, and you have more than 5 into 5 to go...

just after reading this post I looked at my plate to search for my yummy sandwhich ... and waaam... its gone .. not there ! Bet your post was most pleasing than the sandwhich, I dont even remember eating it now :P

You always come up with such fantastic posts!! Keep going my Alchemist ~

Nava said...

Thanks Esfand For your compliment, and your congrats. :)

Behi said...

Happy Anniversary! That was just lovely, hope you both enjoy living life together years and yeaeears :)