Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Norooz...

The Persian new year is officially here. Without being biased, the most reasonable “new-year-beginning” of all calendars. Starting with spring, even if I cannot feel the slightest signs of it where I live.
I tend to have my resolutions at the beginning of our new year, when I feel that even the earth has started a new orbit. Not in the middle of winter, when all and everything in nature seem to be in hibernation…No wonder less and less people are able to stay committed to their new year resolutions these days!

I have also cleaned our house to a sparkling shine. But I need a thorough cleaning and defragmentation on my mind and soul. Mentally and emotionally. I have to sort out my thoughts, my goals, my plans. I have to organize my feelings, my observations, my activity patterns…Maybe some alterations here and there, some redecoration of my inside. Something I believe we all need every now and then.

...and for last part, I read a very interesting quote from a gnostic person yesterday: “People are three types: those who give and don’t expect to receive, those who give and receive, and those who don’t give, and just receive.” No explanation, no judgement. Just a moment of pause and thinking

Happy spring to everybody!


Tameshk said...

Nava Joonam
Happy Norooz & Happy Spring!

Many Kisses,

Behi said...

I hope you reach whatever you're wishing for,
Have a fabulous year full of life and happiness Navaie aziz.


Anonymous said...

Nava jan,
Happy new year! I wish you have a great year ahead of you!
I'm really delighted to get to know you through your blog last year.Thanks for being there and writing so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Roohe Ashanea,
We did our Eid Mobarak separately but I did not get a chance to come to your door here for Did o Baz did :):)...until now...So Happy 1387, Happy Spring...and Good luck with the resolutions....

BTW who is the quote from?