Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bubble Trouble!

Which one’s happier?

The bubble trapped in a hand sanitizer, immobilized and motionless, sitting in quiescence, waiting for a push on the pump to get sucked up in between two palms, and to burst as the hands are being rubbed together?

Or the bubble in a glass of Champagne, singing and dancing its way out, to burst after a short life of moving and going upward, and make a funny sound upon getting to the surface of the liquid?

Or the bubble blown by a curious kid, to see how they are made and shaped, which flies high on the wind, and travels up to its resistance treshhold, and then bursts in front of the kid’s eyes, to show its lifetime in the sky?

Or the huge fancy bubble made in front of an amazed audience by a skilled magician, covered in rainbow colors, strutting with pride, only to last until the next trick on the stage, bursting and splashing small drops on the first row of audience?

Or is happiness and prosperity something to define for a "bubble" at all?

1 comment:

Nader said...

I like this post. It is very bubbly.

But on the serious note, it is a valid question to ask. Even if we look at the mechanism that living beings feel joy, there is some chemical reaction involved. This has always puzzled me. How a feeling appears out of chemical reactions. A baby who is just born knows pain and joy. Why and how? This sense of joy arises from mere chemical reactions and is the primitive form of happiness which eventually lead us to believe that bubbles may enjoy themselves too.