Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I am back, and happy 2008.

I came back the very last day of 2007.

The trip went well. Not exactly, but very much as I like: well planned and efficient. I was able to spend a fair amount of time with my family, visit some old friends, and even had a short trip to another city. I watched a bunch of movies, bought lots of books, and went to a concert. There were few things that I missed, so overall I think it was a good trip.

I also observed a lot. About the relationships between people (something that we Iranians emphasize too much on), about people's daily life, the economy, the new generation, the media and the culture they try to build and empower in public, and more and more. I even saw myself in a better light, it seemed that I had much better self confidence than before. Although sometimes I had to really try and keep myself as my current existance and not to go back to my old self.

I was so tired and exhausted from the long trip back to Canada that I couldn't stay awake to see the midnight and beginning of 2008. That's alright, as I still have the habit of making my resolutions at the beginning of our own calendar year, which is usually March 21. Yet, I wish everybody a better year than last year, with health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Happy 2008.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nava,

Happy new year! Happy to hear that you had a great trip to Iran. Waiting to read more about your experience.

ruperty said...

Let’s be honest. Was there anything that you liked or everything is bad and everyone is boring?

ruperty said...
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Ruperty said...

Don't you want to update your blog?